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Excellent opportunities exist for the following positions...

  • Driving Instructor

Job Description:

A driving instructor teaches students to drive safely. This includes both practical skills and also traffic laws and regulations. Instructors must be able to maintain a calm and even temperament at all times; be able to inspire confidence in students; and be able to assess students progress accurately.

As a Guardian Driving Instructor you will be expected to explain the basic mechanical workings of a vehicle; demonstrate and explain how to operate a vehicle; coach students while they are behind the wheel; teach traffic laws and regulations in addition to road safety; and to prepare students for their driver’s license tests through the local DMV.


·         Experience in either Law Enforcement, Firefighting, as an EMT, Paramedic, or similar public safety specialist


·         Experience as a teacher or working within the educational system


·         Must hold a valid California Driver License with no convictions

·         Must be able to pass a Drug Test

·         Must be able to pass background investigation, including Live-Scan fingerprinting

·         Pass all requirements necessary issues by the DMV of California

Preferred Traits and Skills:

First Aid and CPR certifications

Certified DMV Driver Education or Training Instructor

Mobile Road Experts trained by the California Department of the Highway Patrol

Membership in the Municipal Motorcycle Officers Association and related experience

Training received from the California Office of Traffic Safety


For employment information please contact:  Randy @ 408-363-4182